Invite #1

Template Overview


  • Like most pages on your site's theme, you can assign an image to the layout's header area.
  • Depending on your theme's design, the page title will typically overlay the header image.


  • You'll use the page's WYSIWYG editor to manage this optional content, which will display right below the page header image.


  • Clicking on any of these options will allow users to easily share information through email and popular social media channels.

Page Setup

Under Content > Pages, you can "Add a New Page" and then select "Invite 1" as the template. Note: this page will be setup for you when the layout is installed.

The "header image" field will display a graphic at the top of your page, and dependinng on your design, the page title may overlay the header image. The "content" editor can also be used add text, links, etc below the header image.

Add Sharing Links

The primary content of this layout is managed under Content > Link Lists > "Invite Share Options".

Each item in the list will need to have these fields completed:

  • Name - this is the title of the item that will be shared
  • Link - the URL to the information that you want to share
  • Image - every item must have an image that has been formatted to these specific dimensions: 1000 x 513 pixels (note: this will help ensure that the best possible image is presented across all social media platforms)
  • Description (optional) - can be used to include a helpful subtitle

NOTE: If you are creating the images in Photoshop or a similar program, it may be helpful to know that the image aspect ratio needed is 1.95:1.

Note: please make sure the "Invite Share Options" link list title is not changed.

E360 ChMS & Giving - Form Integration

If you have an account for E360 ChMS and/or E360 Giving, you have the option to share your invite with the form tool available with these platforms. You can either use this option in place of the existing, hard-coded email form built with the layout or only use embedded forms for sharing specific items.

To integrate your forms, you will need to copy the form embed code from the giving or ChMS platform and then paste the code into the "Invite Form Embed" field for each sharing item.

Note: if you do not see the "Invite Form Embed" field in your Invite Share Options link list, please let the Ekklesia team know.