Staff #3

Steps Overview

  1. Locate the Staff Template
  2. Check For “Staff Groups”, "Staff Groups Featured", and "Staff Groups Pastors" Series
  3. Add New Groups
  4. Add Groups to the “Staff Group”, "Staff Groups Featured", and "Staff Groups Pastors" Series
  5. Organize Group Order
  6. Add Members to Groups
  7. Add Member Info
  8. Set Order of Staff Within Groups
  9. Add the Staff Template to the Navigation

Template Overview

The Staff Template #3 provides an image-based and filterable view of staff members, contact information, and bio. All staff information is added and edited in the People module and arranged by series and groups.

SERIES: All staff members are added to the “Staff Groups”, “Staff Groups Featured”, and “Staff Groups Pastors” Series. Groups in the Staff Groups Pastors Series will display first, Staff Groups Featured will display second, and Staff Groups will display under the filterable bar on the page.

GROUPS: The Groups control which members are displayed on your website. Groups are listed as headers on the template, as well as display as the staff category options on the filter drop down menu.  

Before You Get Started

Your implementor should have already built out the Staff Template #3 for you. In order to populate staff on the template, you'll need to add them as Members, add them to Groups, and assign the Group to the “Staff Groups”, “Staff Groups Featured”, and “Staff Groups Pastors” series.

The Series that will include all of your staff Groups has already been set up. The Series will not display anywhere, it is used to control the order Groups appear on your Staff Page.

Before You Get Started

Add Groups

Groups are displayed to provide distinction between types of staff members. For example, Pastoral, Administration, Children’s Ministry, Elders, etc.

  1. Navigate to your groups People > Groups
  2. Add a New Group
  3. Name the group. Make sure this is what you would like to see displayed as the section headings on your Staff page
  4. Add the group to the “Staff Groups”, “Staff Groups Featured”, and “Staff Groups Pastors” Series
  5. Repeat to add a group for each category of staff you would like. (Worship, Tech Team, North Campus, Children’s, Discipleship, etc. The names are completely up to you!)
  6. Be sure to select the “Staff Groups”, "Staff Groups Featured", or "Staff Groups Pastors" Series for each Group you create.


Add Groups

Add Groups to the Series

Once all groups have been created, you'll need to add them all to the "Staff Group", "Staff Groups Featured", or "Staff Groups Pastors" Series and organize the order you'll like them to display.

  1. Navigate to your groups People > Groups
  2. Select the groups to display on the template
  3. "Edit Selected Groups"
  4. Add Series: Staff Groups, Staff Groups Featured, or Staff Groups Pastors
  5. Submit

PRO-TIP: The group called “Site Group” is the default that is assigned to all members. 

Add Groups to the Series

Organize the Group Order

To organize the order in which groups are displayed on the template, you'll drag and reorder on the Series tab.

  1. Navigate to "Staff Groups:" People > Groups > Series > Staff Groups
  2. Select edit
  3. Drag and drop to reorder

Congratulations! Your setup is now complete. You are ready to add staff members.

Organize the Group Order

Add Members

  1. Navigate to People > Members
  2. Add a New Member
Add Members

Add Member to Groups

  1. Fill in the relevant staff member information
  2. Assign to a Group you have just set up. You can add a staff member to more than one Group if you’d like to, just add the extra Group one at a time
  3. Save


Add Member to Groups

Member Profile

  1. Navigate to the "Profile" panel on the right sidebar
  2. Fill in the information you think is important for your staff to share with your congregation
  3. Upload a photo 
  4. Repeat for multiple staff members

PHOTO SIZE: Images should be at least 600x500 pixels in size, you can use an image that’s already in your media library or upload a new one right from this screen. We recommend using JPG files, since they are smaller files and load faster.

ABOUT ME: This conent will display on the staff member's detail page. You can add videos, more images, and text formatting.

PREVIEW TEXT: This will display over the staff member's image when you hover over it.

SOCIAL MEDIA: You can add personalized Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. information by adding their social media username or handle.

EMAIL: If you do not wish to display the user's email address, be sure to check the box "Hide Email". The email icon will then no longer display for that user on the staff layout. Alternatively, you can use the "Display Email" field to replace the member's email on the staff layout.

Your Staff Page should be live and ready to go!

Set the Order of Staff Members in Groups

You can change the order you staff members (or church members if you are have a directory) display on the page. You can set alphabetical, or sorted in seniority order, or any other combination.

  1. Navigate People > Groups
  2. Click the “edit” pencil on the group you would like to work with
  3. Select Sort Members
  4. Drag and drop to reorder
  5. Click "Save Sorting" (the "sort" button becomes the "save" button)
Set the Order of Staff Members in Groups

Finishing Up

Now that you’ve finished adding all the staff members, they will display on your staff template. You can place the template in the navigation so people can easily find the layout.

More info on the navigation can be found on our Help Site: