Next Steps #2

Quick Start - Setup Overview

  1. Template Overview
  2. Page Setup & Content Entry
  3. Section
  4. Adding Groups
  5. Adding Articles
  6. Adding Events
  7. Publish the Page

Template Overview

The Next Steps #2 layout is designed to provide a landing page for users who want to get more involved in your church! This is a great place to lead people through a pathway to growing their faith through reading articles, watching videos, or attending events.


  • Like most pages on your site's theme, you can assign an image to the layout's header area.
  • The page title (along with an optional page description) will overlay the header image.


  • This bar contains jump links to the steps on the page.


  • Each step is placed as a separate section, which is stacked on top of each other. You have control over which steps appear first.

Page Setup & Content Entry

  • Under Content > Pages, you can "Add a New Page" and then select "Next Steps 2" as the template.
  • Choose a header image for the page, just as you would for any standard page on your site.
  • The page title will overlay the header image automatically, and you can also add text below the main title by using the page's Description field.
  • Select the sections you wish to display on this page.


Page Background

  • The Page Background Section is used for the steps page background.


  • There are 7 step sections.   Each of these 7 step sections are for the placement of the step and requires the Description field, Icon Class field and a Section Category that matches an Article Module series.
  • Each step section should contain a title in the "Description" field for the section title.
  • Each step section should contain a class in the "Icon Class" field that uses a site icon option. (This field is specific to themes that allow icons.)
  • Each step section should have a category assigned that matches an Article Module series (used to bring in articles with that series assignment).

Adding Groups

  • There is a group series labeled "Next Steps".  Each group assigned to this series should have a matching series from the Articles Module.  The step sections will match that corresponding section category to that articles series and will display each article within that series in the section.
  • Each article must have a group that matches the article title (this is a different group than the groups assigned to the "Next Steps" series).  Once a member is assigned to the group that matches the article title and is logged in that step/article will display as completed. This group is also used to display events with the same group on the step detail.

Adding Articles

  • Each step section category must match an article series. All articles with the matching series will display in date order. The article category "Next Steps" should be used to provide an option to hide articles from other layouts.
  • Each article image and preview text will display in view.
  • When the visitor selects "View this Step" button the lightbox will display the article media options followed by the article content.

Adding Events

  • Once a visitor selects "View this Step" button any events assigned to the group that matches the article title (see Groups above) will display under the article detail.

Publish the Page

  • Once your page has been setup, and all the fields and special content areas are ready to go, make sure to choose the "Publish" option, so that your page is accessible by the public.