Small Group Finder #3

Template Overview

The Small Group Template #3 is designed to help users narrow down and find a small group specified by their needs. Needs such as childcare and day of the week, to name a few. You will need to add categories for each specific group, study, or class.

This template can display up to 10 small groups in the carousel. The list below the carousel initially displays 10 small groups, when more than 10 is added the page will begin pagination.

Small Group #3 List Page

Small Group #3 Detail Page

Finding your Layout

Your implementor should have already built out the Small Group #3 Template for you.

  1. Locate your Small Group #3 Template by going to Content > Pages. If you can’t easily find the template, use the Search Function.

Page Title and Header Image

Here is what the Small Group #3 Template looks like when editing.

  1. Give the page a new title, such as "Small Groups" or a page name conducive to your organization.
  2. Upload a new image or select a new image from your gallery to update your header image.

The example image used for this header is a horizontal image of 1367 px wide by 777 px high.

To update the video that is located at the top of the layout and the default image that displays in your carousel, you will have to navigate to the Link List module.

  1. Locate your Link List module by going to Content > Link Lists. If you can’t easily find them, use the Search Function.

The Header Video Groupfinder can be replaced with a static image if preferred of 814 px wide by 741 px high, if a video is not readily available.

The Groupfinder #3 Default Image is useful for those select small groups that do not have a photo readily available. Update this photo to something universal feeling, so the photo can attribute to all small groups without confusion. Horizontal image size 814 px wide by 741 px high.

Steps Overview  - Adding Small Groups

The Small Group Finder Layout uses a page (for the welcome content) and events (the Small Groups you've created) to display on your site. Your implementer should have already set up a new page and applied the Small Groups Template. Once your page is set up, you can edit the content and add more Small Groups.

Here is an overview of how to add a new small group to your site. Below is a more detailed step-by-step plan.

  1. Navigate to Events > Small Groups.

  2. Click the Add a New Small Group button.

  3. Fill in all of the relevant information about the new small group and click the Save button.

  4. Choose whether to publish the group to your site right away or keep it as a draft until later.

1. Navigate to Events > Small Groups

2. Click the Add a New Small Group button

3. Small Group Basics

Now you will fill out all relevant content for your Small Group.

  1. Name: the name of the small group as it will appear on your website (Required)
  2. Description: write a few sentences describing what the group is all about (Recommended)
  3. Keywords: keywords help people find the group when searching on your website. Use words that help describe the group.  For example, a small group that meets to go hiking could have keywords like outdoors, active, exercise, hiking.
  4. Childcare Provided: Select this option if there will be childcare provided at the group.
  5. Resource Link: Use this to attach a link to another page that provides supporting information for the group.
  6. Categories: Help members narrow down their options by placing the group in one or more categories.  The categories are used to filter groups.  The category will also show up as the Topic on the detail page of each group. (Recommended)
  7. Image: It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, upload a picture to help potential members remember the group.  The image will show up in the grid view as well as the details page of each group. (Recommended)
  8. Location: Help members find the group by selected a location.  The location is used to help with filtering by location.  Map directions are provided if a location is selected. If you need to add a location that is not on the list, just click the + icon to the right of the dropdown. (Recommended)
  9. Day of the week: Let members know what day of the week the group meets. (Recommended)
  10. Start and End Time: Be sure to let members know what time the group meets. (Recommended).
  11. Primary Leader: Select the leader of the group that you would like to appear on the detail page of the group.  The leader’s name will link to their email address on the website so potential members can contact them with any questions. (Recommended)
  12. Add Other Leaders: Add any other leaders here.  Other leaders do not appear on the website.
  13. Add Members: Add any members that are in the group here. Members do not appear on the website, but within the CMS you will be able to view the rosters of each group. You do not need to add your leaders to the member's list, as they are already listed on the roster as leaders. (Recommended)
  14. Verify your information and click "Save" at the bottom of the page. 

Image Tip: Horizontal image size 814 px wide by 741 px high.

4. Publish

Choose whether to publish the group to your site right away or keep it as a draft until later.

Finishing Up

Now that you’ve finished adding the content, you can place it in the navigation so people can easily find the layout.

More info on the navigation can be found on our Help Site:

If you are using the ChMS and want to sync your small groups info, please see this help article.