Volunteer #1

Steps Overview

  1. Locate the Volunteer Opportunities #1 Template
  2. Title the Template
  3. Add Template Overview Content
  4. Add All Categories
  5. Add Users
  6. Add & Link Authors to Users
  7. Add a New Article: Summary & Content
  8. Publish The Article

Template Overview

The Volunteer Opportunities Layout #1 is designed to help you showcase ways for people to serve. You can add information about joining a specific position or team with clear contact information for next steps to get involved.

Volunteer Opportunities and leader contact information are created as Articles & Authors. 

Template Overview

Before You Get Started

Your implementor should have already built out the Volunteer Opportunites #1 for you.

1. Locate your Volunteer Opportunites #1 Template by going to Content > Pages. If you can’t easily find the template, use the Template Filter.

Before You Get Started

Title & Overview

Here is what your Volunteer Opportunities #! Template looks like when editing.

  1. Title the Template
  2. Add Overview Content

TITLE: The name indicated in the Title field will display at the top of your page.
CONTENT: Introductory content, quotes, video, images or other content you'd like to display in the space above the Highlighted Team or Event (optional). This content will display above the Volunteer Finder.

Title & Overview

Before Adding Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteer opportunities are created and edited in the Articles Module.

To ensure that your volunteer opportunities display on the template, all articles must be assigned to the parent category “Volunteer."

  1. Locate the Articles Module by going to Content > Articles
  2. Select the Categories tab to ensure your implementor has add the "Volunteer" parent category.  


On a multi-campus site, the campus filter uses the Group. When you publish an Article be sure to publush to the campus Group as needed.

Before adding Articles, you'll need to add Categories and Aurthors to attach to the articles.

Before Adding Volunteer Opportunities

Categories & Filters

  1. Select Add a New Category
  2. Name the category the title you would like to display in the filter on the layout
  3. Assign the category to to the parent category "Volunteer"
Categories & Filters

About Authors

Each volunteer detail page displays a contact person, or "Author" for the specific opportunity.

This contact information is pulled from the member module. Before assigning authors to your volunteer opportunities, you’ll need to first add the contact person as a user to the site in the People module.

About Authors

Adding Users

In order for contact information to display on the Volunteer Opportunity detail page, you'll need to add the contact person as a user. 

  1. Locate the People Module by going to People > Members
  2. Add a New Member fill out all appropriate fields
Adding Users

Adding & Linking Authors

Now that the contact person has been added as a user, you'll need to add them as authors and link each author with their specific user information.

  1. Select the Authors tab
  2. Add a New Author
  3. Link the author information to their user information. 
Adding & Linking Authors

Adding a New Article

Now that all the categories and authors have been added, you can begin creating each volunteer opportunity.

  1. Navigate to Content > Articles and click, “Add A New Article.”

  2. Indicate the title of the volunteer opportunity, assign a category, and author

The Series and Date fields can be left blank. PRO-TIP: If you would like a specific volunteer opportunity to display under multiple categories, you can add multiple categories.   More info on adding Articles can be found on our Help Site: http://help.monkcms.com/article/articles/

Adding a New Article

Summary & Content

Now that all Categories and Authors have been added, it's time to start adding Volunteer Opportunities content like a summary and description.

  1. Add a Summary
  2. Add a description

SUMMARY: Content entered into the Summary field will display on in the list view of the Volunteer Opportunity template. This can be a brief description that is quick and easy for a reader. 

CONTENT: The Content field will display on the Volunteer Opportunity detail page. In this area you can add images, videos, text formatting, Ekklesia forms, or links to your ChMS form.

PRO-TIP: If you are showcasing a team be sure the list roles within the team.

Summary & Content


When publishing your article, you can set toggle dates so that Volunteer Opportunities are published on specific dates.

1. Enter a "Toggle Date" for when you want the draft to go live. 

You can also set a date for when you would like aVolunteer Opportunity to be removed from the layout. 

1. Publish the Article today.
2. Set the date you would like the Article to toggle back to draft


Finishing Up

Now that you’ve finished adding the content, you can place it in the navigation so people can easily find the layout.

More info on the navigation can be found on our Help Site: http://help.ekklesia360.com/article/adding-a-navigation-item/