Welcome Links

The Welcome Links are the 3 buttons on your homepage that overlap the header video and Section 1. They are designed to prompt the user to click on them to learn more or to be links that are commonly used on your site.

To edit these links, you can go to CONTENT > Link Lists > Welcome Links

NOTE: In order for this link list to be displayed on the site, you must NOT change the title of this link list.

Once you are in the link list editor, you can sort the order of the links by clicking on the arrows in the left column. The order that you see after you are done sorting will be instantly saved.

You can also edit each link by clicking on the pencil icon of the link that you wish to edit.

NOTE: The Homepage of your site is designed to display 3 links in the Welcome Link area. Therefore, we suggest that you do not change the amount of links in the link list by clicking on the + or trash can icons.

When editing a link there are 8 different fields for each link. Below is a description of each field as it relates to the Welcome Links

#1 - NAME: This filed is desplayed on the homepage. It is the text that the user sees within the button.

#2 - PARENT: This field is not used in the Welcome Links.

#3 - LINK: This is where you can designate where the user will be directed when they click on the button. You can choose an item (Page, Event, Article, etc.) from your site by clicking "View All" and selecting the item the item you would like to link to. You can also link to an external website by clicking the "enter a URL" link and then typing in the URL (including the http://) into the text field.

#4 - CHECK BOX: If this box is checked, it will make it so a new tab or window is opened when the user clicks on the button. It is recommended that you use this if you are linking to an external website.

#5 - IMAGE: This field is not used in the Welcome Links.

#6 - DESCRIPTION: This field is not used in the Welcome Links.

#7 - ICON CLASS: This field is where you can designate which icon you wish use within the button. This is different from an image and you can choose the one you wish to use from THIS LIST.

#8 - SAVE/CANCEL: Make sure you click on "Save" before you leave this page or move onto the editing the next link, otherwise the changed you made will not be saved. You can also click on "Cancel" if you do not wish to save the changed.