Gallery Monklet

The "Gallery Monklet" can be inserted into the content area of a page to display a specific photo gallery. To keep the images uniform in apperance the recommended image size is 1024 pixels wide by 576 pixels in height.

Gallery Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring Galleries into the content of a page. They will look similar to this:


NOTE: before you can Insert a Gallery, you will need to create a Gallery. Learn more about that at:

In the Content editing section of a Page, click INSERT > INSERT MONKLET > GALLERY MONKLET.

After you insert the Monklet you will use the find_gallery tag to define which gallery to use.  The name of the gallery should be in slug format, which is the gallery name in lowercase with dashes in place of spaces.

E.g., using the gallery labeled "Photo Gallery 1"  {{gallery-monklet|find_gallery="photo-gallery-1"}}

Detailed monklet help can be found at

Insert A Gallery Monklet