The Home Page offers two display options:

1. Home Rotator: rotating slide images (see instructions below)

2. Header Background Video: looping video (see instructions here)

By default this theme has been setup using the Header Background Video option. You can select which option to use on your home page by editing the Index Page. (Content > Pages > click to edit the Index page)

Home Rotator

Navigate to Media > Rotators > click to edit the Home Rotator

Home Rotator Size and Details

Image Size: 1250 x 705 pixels

Resolution: 72 px/inch

Format: .JPG or .PNG

For best results, correctly size your rotator images before uploading them into the Home Rotator.

Add Rotator to Any Page

A rotator is a series of images, usually between three and six, that rotate around like a slideshow. In order to implement a rotator, you first must create a rotator.

To create a rotator go to MEDIA > ROTATORS > ADD A NEW ROTATOR

Add Rotator to Any Page

Name your rotator and choose the transition time. You can then assign the rotator to a page right away or you can leave this part blank if you want to add it later. The rotator created below would be assigned to my home page once I hit save.

Each step 1-5 correlates with 1-5 in the image below.

1. Enter in the first image or video you would like to appear on your rotator. Each slider requires a Image/Video and the image/video must be already uploaded into your media files.

2. If you have a page/event/sermon/etc. that this slide is about, you can select that page to autofill all the information in step three. This step is optional and you can instead just fill in the information manually in step three. 

3. Give each slide a title, caption, and link (if it's not already filled in from step two). A title is important and the caption is optional and will be shown on top of the photo.
The link is where the person will be taken if they click on the slide. Click "Open link in new window" if you want the user to be taken to a new window when they click on the slide.

4. If you publish the slide it will immediately be shown on any page that implements this rotator. You can also choose to publish slides at a later date by filling in "Schedule a publish status change". This option is useful if you are currently using the rotator, but do not want a certain slide to show up until a later date.

5. Save your slide! Follow steps 1-4 for all additional slides you would like to add to your rotator.

If you wish to add the rotator to a page that you did not add in the beginning then click to that page and add the rotator in the field "Rotator".

The home page rotator images are 1250 pixels wide by 705 pixels in height. If a slide has a caption this will display as a Heading 4 tag over the image.


Note: If there is a Background Video in use on a page then a rotator will not show up. You must delete the Background Video in order to use the Rotator.