Each section on your home page is able to make use of a special element called a Monklet, which is a short piece of code that dynamically pulls content from another area of your site (ie: sermons, blogs, events, etc). A monklet is typically added using the content editor of a section or page and looks like this:


The above example uses a monklet called "Section Monklet Upcoming Events" and displays the next three events in the Upcoming Events section on your home page.

Help Article: Using Monklets

Pre-Built Monklets

The following monklets are pre-built for your home page sections and can also be used for the sections on the Subpage Fullwidth template.

Section Monklet - Featured Items

This monklet displays three linked items, each with a small photo (482 x 314 pixels), a title, and a special icon. The monklet is used in conjunction with a Link List (managed under Content > Link Lists), which contains the content for each featured item.

The Next Steps section on your home page uses the "Home Featured Items" Link List. You can setup this same structure with a different list by changing the "home-featured-items" title in the monklet tag below.


Help Article: Editing Link Lists

Section Monklet - Latest Sermon

This monklet displays the most recent sermon that you've published (under Content > Sermons), along with a sermon description, media links, and a button to "View All."


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Section Monklet - Small Rotator

The monklet is used in conjunction with a specific Rotator, and images for the small-rotator monklet should be 673 x 452 pixels. The "Home - Join Small Group" section also uses responsive columns to position the rotator and text side-by-side.


Section Monklet - Live Event Countdown

If you have a "live" event that you'd like to promote (Sunday AM Worship, for example), this monklet will present a countdown timer to the start of the next upcoming Event published with the category of "Live Event."


Section Monklet - Upcoming Events

This monklet presents a 3-column list of the next three events on your calendar, along with the event images, details, and a "View Calendar" button.


Help Article: Events Module

Section Monklet - Latest Blog

This monklet can display the three latest posts from your blog (Content > Blogs).


Help Article: Creating a Blog Post

Section Monklet - Form Embed

Use this monklet to present a simple contact form on your website that will display in a lightbox format, once the user has clicked on the form. This is used for the "Get Weekly News" section on the home page.


Help Article: Creating Forms