The bulk of your home page is comprised of sections, which are managed under Content > Sections. Your theme will include the following preset sections for the home page, but you are welcome to add your own, as well!

  • Home - Featured Items: displays the "Home - Featured Items" link list items under the Next Steps
  • Home - Lastest Sermon: displays the latest message from the Sermons module
  • Home - Join a Small Group: this is an open content area with a rotator added
  • Home - Live Event Countdown: displays a countdown timer for the next "live" event in the Events module
  • Home - Upcoming Events: displays the next three events from the Events module
  • Home - Latest Blog: displays the latest three posts from the Blogs module
  • Home - Join a Serve Team: another open content section with a rotator added
  • Home - Newsletter Signup: displays the signup form "get weekly news"

All of these sections include pre-built monklets, as well. See the Monklets for the Home article for details.

Note: The Home Page sections can also be used for your Subpage Fullwidth template.

Managing Sections

The home page template can support up to eight different content sections, and each section has a number of different fields that allow for unique customization.

  1. Content: This is the main content block and is used to enter headings/text/buttons/links for the section.
  2. Background Color: Use this field to specify a hex-code color that will cover the background of the entire section. This field interacts with the other fields below, so be sure to read on!
  3. Background Image: Use this field to set a background image for the entire section. NOTE: If you have also specified a Background Color, then the background image will be tinted with the color you specified—if the tint is unwanted, just make sure the Background Color field is blank.
  4. Dark Background: Use this checkbox whenever you have specified a dark background color or image, and this will force the text of the section to display in white, to ensure good contrast and readability.
  5. Meganav Image: This field is not used for home page sections.
  6. Parallax Background: This option turns on parallax scrolling functionality for the background image.