Sermons Template


Sermons Layout 4 was designed to display your sermons in reverse chronological order (newest first) but also allows the user to filter down to see specific sermons within a Series, Category, Month or by a specific Preacher.

Once the user selects the specific sermon that they would like to watch/listen to, they can click on one 1 of the 4 possible icons for each sermon to either watch the sermon video, listen to the sermon audio, download the sermon audio, or read the sermon notes.

They can also click on the sermon title to see more information about that specific sermon.

Help Article: Sermons Overview

NOTE: If a video, audio and/or notes (PDF or DOC) file is not uploaded, the icon(s) associated with that file will not be displayed.

To utilize this Sermon Template, you will first need to make sure that you have a page in the Pages Module (CONTENT > Pages) that has this template assigned to it. See the screenshot below for how to assign a template to a page. Once you have a page that is using the correct template, you can then assign it to your site's navigation, where ever you would like it to go. 

Managing Sermons

For instructions on how to add sermons, please review this Help Article & Video: Adding Sermons or revierw the instructions below

To make changes, navigate to CONTENT > SERMONS

To create a new sermon select "Add a New Sermon" button.

  1. Detail: Start by entering a title, categories, series, key passage, date, and preacher.
  2. Content: Enter a summary, keywords, and then the actual content of the sermon (optional).
  3. Add Media Any audio, video, images, or notes for the sermon can be added here.
  4. Publish: Once you've entered all of the details and content, change the sermon from "draft" to "publish" so it will show up on the site.

The main image for a sermon should be sized at 790 x 444 pixels.

Note: Keywords are used to generate the special sermon links that show up as a series of small buttons/boxes in the site footer. Make sure these are entered under the Content tab.

Series & Sermon Graphic Sizes

All Sermon & Series Images should be at least 790 pixels wide by 444 pixels high. Other image sizes can be used as long as they are the same ratio as the recommended size.

Sermon Series

Your series can be setup under Content > Sermons > Series tab. The Sermon series should include a short summary and an image. The recommended size for series images is 790 x 444 pixels.

Sermon Series