Adding Your Church Info

A good starting place for customizing your theme is to enter your church's specific information into the system. Look under People > Churches to begin this process.

There are many different fields that can be completed, but they are not all required. For this theme, it is suggested that you enter information for the following:

Church Name

The full name of your church.

Worship Address

This is the primary street address for your ministry. The Google Map at the bottom of the home page will use this address information to pinpoint your location.


A few sentences describing your ministry and your mission. This text will appear in the footer area throughout your site.

Church Info URL

This is the website address where you'd like to send visitors for specific "newcomer" information about your church—typically, this would be the "About" or "Contact" page of your site. (Note: the URL that you provide will become the link that is used for the location icon on the Google Map.)

Church Photo

This image will be displayed within the embedded Google Map, as the user moves their mouse closer to the location icon. Typically, this is a high-quality exterior photo of your church: 1680 x 600 pixels.

Please provide a logo image that will be used for the footer of your site. A one-color, transparent logo in .png format will work best and should be approximately 140 x 75 pixels.

Home Page Map

If you don't want to use the home page map section, you can uncheck this option. It will be checked as the default.

Twitter Name

If your church uses Twitter, you can enter the name of your primary account in this field, and a Twitter feed will show up in the footer of your site's pages.