Blogs Template


To see existing blogs/posts or add new ones, navigate to Content > Blogs.

This template used Blogs 2 from our layouts site.

Help Article: Blogs Overview

Adding a New Blog

Start a new blog by visiting Content > Blogs > Blogs and choose "Add a New Blog." 

Enter the following details:

  • Title: Displays as the blog page title and URL
  • Description: Displays in the sidebar of your main blog page
  • Header Image (optional): Displays a header image on your blog page. Image dimensions should be 1680 x 350 pixels.
  • Template: This needs to be set to "Blogs 2"

Note: A sample blog will already be setup when you receive your site, so you are welcome to rename it and and use the existing setup for your own blog.

Help Article: Adding a Blog

Adding a Blog Post

Once your blog has been created, you can begin adding posts to the blog under Content > Blogs > Blog Posts.

Enter the following details:

  • Post Title: Displays the article title on the blog landing and detail pages
  • Blog: If you have multiple blogs created, select the one in the list where the post should  be added.
  • Categories: Allows the user to filter through posts on your blog. The category dropdown displays at the top of your blog landing page.
  • Author: Displays the author's name with the post
  • Date: Displays the date with the post
  • Post: This is the blog post content area.
  • Keywords (optional): Displays as tags below the post on the blog landing and detail pages
  • Image: Displays a graphic with the post. Images should be 657 pixels wide (height can vary).

Help Article: Creating a Blog Post

Adding Your Blog to the Navigation

The blog doesn't utilize an actual page but is linked directly from the navigation: Content > Pages > Navigation.

When you add a new item, clear out the placeholder text in the Content field. From the dropdown, choose the Blogs option and then select your Blog from the list.

Blogs are separate from Pages in that they live at their own URL, and all blog posts contained by the blog live under that location (i.e. Blog posts do not count toward the Page count.