Final Overview

Make sure everything is in the correct place, working properly, and looking beautiful.


Take some time to go through the content on your website with a fine-tooth comb. This should include all the content as well as media items like images, videos, audio, and notes.

  • Copy has been proofread and is free of spelling or grammar errors.
  • Contact details are accurate throughout the site.
  • Images, videos, and audios are in the right places, formatted with the correct sizes and are displaying perfectly.
  • Pages displays are correct.
  • Paragraphs, headers, lists, and buttons are formatted correct.

Remove Unused Content

Check to make sure all the pre-existing and unused content is removed.

Check that links are leading to the correct places.

Check for any broken links by running this website broken link report.

Broken Link Check

(Depending on the number of links in your website, it can take 5-10 minutes for the report to run)

Check the Mobile Display

Your website is fully responsive and compatible across all browsers. Do a check of how your site is displaying on different mobile views here. Enter your preview website url.

Check the Mobile Display