The homepage is a key component of the website and will be the first impression for first time visitors. You'll want to make it appealing, inviting, and intriguing.

Depending on who the web visitor is, it can be a bit of a balancing act to accomplish several different needs for a variety of people. The great news is you have room to accomplish this.

Essentials for a homepage:

  • Make a good first impression
  • Give people an understanding of who you are
  • Welcome new guests
  • Provide fresh content to engage returning visitors


In Ekklesia go to Media > Rotators

Homepage rotators are often positioned prominantly at the top of the website. You'll want to make sure that attractive images and important content goes here. Rotators are usually seen without the web visitor even having to scroll down.

Use images/video that embody the vision and encapsulates the church's spirit. Inspire your web visitor to learn more about your church.

For the best outcome, consult your Theme Setup Guide for the recommended rotator image sizes.

Help Site - Rotators

Homepage Sections

In Ekklesia go to Content > Sections

Sections can be included on the homepage and can be used in a varity of ways to display blocks of content. They are typically located below the rotator or main homepage image and web visitors can scroll down to see multiple sections.

Your homepage comes with some pre-existing sections already assigned to it. To see the sections that are assigned to your homepage, go to Content > Pages > click to edit the 'Index' page > scroll toward the bottom to see Sections. Each Section has a link to the right where you can click to 'Edit Section.' You also have the option to select 'None' if you want to hide a section from the homepage.

Sections allow a lot of versatility and creativity. New sections can be created with any content you'd like and add it to your homepage. Sections can include text, images, links, buttons, video, etc.

Pre-existing sections have already been created that include things like Upcoming Events, Latest Sermons, Latest Blog Posts, and Featured Articles. When you add new events, sermons, blog posts, and articles, the latest or featured will automatically update on the homepage in that particular section.

Help Site - Sections

Social Media Icons

Depending on the website, a theme may include social media icons that link to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, etc. Social media icons may be located in the header, footer, or menu. Refer to your Theme Setup Guide on how to update these.