Header Links/Navigation

Content > Pages > Navigation

The navigation will display up to 3 levels of links.

Video Tutorial: Adding A Navigation Item

Content > Link Lists > "Header Links"

Title and link are used for each item

Content > Link Lists > "Hub Link"

This link list is used for the header link AND hub template header. This link will also display as the last item in the navigation area.

The following fields are used: 

  • Name: The name of the link will be used for the header link title and landing page name.
  • Link: Should contain a link to your Hub landing page. 
  • Image: If an image is used, it will show as the logo for the Hub template. The logo will be capped at a width of 390px.
  • Icon Class: Displays an icon with the header link. See full icon list here: https://mk041.monkpreview.com/_assets/fonts/icons/icomoon/