Home Page SEO

SEO stands for "search engine optimization," and it includes the practice of increasing traffic to your website and creating helpful descriptions and keywords to effectively display and rank a website in search engine results.

Home Page SEO Recommendations

Here are some things you can put into practice when editing the Home Page (INDEX) to ensure higher visibility in search rankings.

The Description and Keywords fields are powerful search engine influencers. The Description is a sentence-based item, while Keywords are a list of key terms associated with the page. These should be clean, relevant and summarize the main content of the page.

Navigate to Content > Pages > Index


Create a nice sentence summary of your church or organization.


Add key description words of the page using words separated by commas. Add keywords that people may use with a search engine so that their search results return with the home page’s specific keywords. Separate the keywords by commas and include no more than 10 words or phrases.

ie. KEYWORDS: indianapolis church, tpcc, traders point church, whitestown church, zionsville church, christian church