Homepage Overview

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*Note: You can not change the name of the Index page. The Index.php is your home template and assigned automatically to your home page.  This templates operates the same as your "Subpage Fullwidth" template.

The home page (Index) works using various modules and elements throughout Ekklesia. The basics are:

  • Header: Logo, navigation, and search
  • Header area: three options - header image, background video, or image rotator
  • Sections: nine fullwidth sections available (utilizing monklets)
  • Footer: church information, social media links, sitemap, quick links, and newsletter sign up (utilizing monklets and sections)

Your home page has come pre-set with 9 sections utilizing our homepage monklets designed for the Trotter theme (more on your Homepage Monklets HERE)

You can rearrange, remove, or replace any of these sections as you'd like, at the very bottom of the page editor. Leaving any of the Section fields blank won't cause an issue - you can choose to make your homepage as long or as short as you'd like.