Easy Edit & Color Picker

View Your Site With Easy Edit

In the dashboard view of the CMS, use the links at the top right to click 'Easy Edit.' This will open your preview site with the Easy Edit turned on.

View Your Site With Easy Edit

Easy Edit Consists of 3 Features

Tubman has been designed with minimal color options, to allow your images be dynamic. Stock images may be helpful to achieve this purpose: https://help.ekklesia360.com/article/stock-image-resources/

You can also used muted tones for the majority of the site, while choosing a few key accent colors to make content pop.

1. Color Picker - allows you to easily change the various colors on your site. The color scheme on your site can easily be modified by selecting the individual colors via the color picker.

2. Edit Links - the site will appear with edit links (pencil icons). The public will not see Easy Edit (or any pencil icons) on your site; only you will see that. Click on one of the edit-pencil links to be taken directly to the correct edit screen for that content in the CMS.

3. On / Off - a toggle for turning Easy Edit on and off.

Guide with Video Tutorial

* Note: When Easy Edit is turned 'On,' the positioning of the site and logo size may temporarily change, and certain features of your site may appear to not work correctly. Turn Easy Edit 'Off' to see the true view of your site. The Easy Edit icon will not display to your site viewers.