Navigation Overview

To edit the Navigation, go to Content > Pages > Navigation

You have two navigation options for the Trotter theme. The main header navigation is the default structure with a stacked mobile view, or you can choose to have the stacked navigation on both the desktop and mobile views.

Creating your site's navigation is as simple as creating pages and quickly drag and dropping them to create your Site Map.

Parent - 1st Level

Parent (1st Level) navigation items always display at the top of your site.

Child - 2nd Level

Child (2nd level) navigation items will display when the parent (1st level) is selected.

3rd Level

3rd Level navigation items will display when the child (2nd level) is selected.

This theme is not designed to show navigation items that are 4th level or beyond.

Stacked Navigation

To switch the navigation from the default header navigation to the stacked navigation, go to People > Churches in Ekklesia. Click on your church name and scroll to the bottom to check the "Mobile Nav Only" box.


Video Tutorial: Adding A Navigation Item