Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring in other module content (sermons, events, etc.) into your pages.  There are a few monklets that have been created that are placed in sections that you can assign to various sections on your site.

You can use a monklet inside a section by placing your cursor in the content area, selecting Insert > Insert Monklet > "Desired Monklet".

Monklets allow inline parameters to be passed to define items from a specific group, category, etc. provides details on using these parameters.

Sidebar Monklets

Sidebar Monklet - Latest Sermon: Displays the most recent sermon.

Sidebar Monklet - Recent Articles: Displays the 2 most recent articles.

Sidebar Monklet - Recent Posts: Displays the 2 most recent blog posts from all blogs.

Sidebar Monklet - Upcoming Events: Displays the 3 most recent events.