Icon Font

Custom Icons

This site supports vector icon fonts. This results in faster load times, more customizable designs, and easier editing. Icon fonts are loaded by "Icon" Name.  In areas that support custom icons (such as the Footer Social Lists), refer to these names.

Custom Icons

The Footer Social Links are editable under CONTENT > LINK LISTS > FOOTER SOCIAL LINKS

There a several areas on the site that use custom icon fonts (social links, etc.).  A full list of available icons can be found at http://mk031.monkpreview.com/_assets/fonts/mk031/ (substitute your url for http://mk031.monkpreview.com).

Footer Social Icons

The current social media icons in the footer have icons assigned to them. You can remove these icons or change them in your link list module.Fooot

Step 1

Step 2

In Options, click the pencil icon to edit the Social Link

Step 3

In the description input you can either delete the icon text or update the icon with another icon listed above.

Social Media Icons Available

Facebook: icon-facebook

Twitter: icon-twitter-3

Instagram: icon-instagram

Youtube: icon-youtube

Pinterest:  icon-pinterest

Vimeo: icon-vimeo

Google +: icon-google__x2B_