Navigate to ADMIN > SITE > SITE LOGO

The image assigned in your Admin area under the Site Logo field is used for the header logo and navigation logo.

Note: If you previously uploaded a logo file in your media you can type the file name to locate it, or you click 'upload a new image' to add it to your site and your media.

Logo Size Dimensions

The current theme logo is displaying at 325 pixels wide by 58 pixels high.  If you uploaded a logo image that is larger than the recommended image size, your logo will be resized to a max width of 444 pixels wide.

Logo File Type

We recommend using a PNG file for the logo. A PNG file supports transparency in the image, specifically transparent backgrounds. Transparency allows you to see the logo image while also seeing the background of the website page behind it.

JPG, BMP, or GIF files may also be used, but these file formats do not allow for transparent backgrounds. You'll see the full background shape of your logo image without transparency.

Note: We recommend that you properly size your logo before uploading it into the site.