Navigation Editing

To edit the Navigation, go to Content > Pages > Navigation

How to Edit the Navigation

Add, Edit, Remove, or Reorder

Use the left arrows to expand the navigation list to see child items under parent items.

Hover over an individual item to see 3 Tools: Plus to add a new item, Pencil to edit the item, Trash to remove the item.

You can reorder the navigation items by clicking on an item and dragging it to a new position up or down.

Editor Window - Create & Edit

The Editor Window makes creating and editing navigation items a breeze.

  • LABEL: The label is the text that is shown for your link.
  • CONTENT:  Choose content from your site to link to - current pages, sermons, articles, blogs or events.
  • ENTER A URL: Link visitors to external URLs. (ie.
  • PARENT:  If you choose a parent for your link then the link will be nested under the parent. In the example below, the link will appear under Contact Us as a child item.
  • OPEN IN NEW WINDOW:  Opens the link in a new browser window or tab depending on your visitor's settings.