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Subpage Header Image/Header Video/Rotator

Header Image

The page "Header Image" field populates the header background image.  If a header video is present this image will be the preview image while the video is loading and also serves as the fallback for mobile devices.

The page will display the page title as an overlay.  If the "Header Text" Content Editor field is used, that content will display as a left overlay in place of the page title. 

The checkbox "Hide Page Title" removes the title from the page.

Header Video

Using the field "Header Background Video (mp4/h264)" will replace the background image with a background video.  The video must be MP4/H264 formatted video and should have a ratio of 16:9.

*NOTE - This is a looping/muted background video so the video should be kept short in size/length (under 30 seconds).


If a rotator is assigned to a page the images will display as slides.  The title and caption or optional and will display as an overlay.   The button uses the Button Text field.

*NOTE - The title text uses a larger font size than the page title.