Your Navigation Structure

To edit the Navigation, go to Content > Pages > Navigation

Creating your site's navigation is as simple as creating pages and quickly drag and dropping them to create your Site Map.

Parent - 1st Level

The Navigation displays the Parent (or 1st Level) navigation items in your site's head

Child - 2nd Level

Child (or 2nd level) navigation items will display in a drop-down when the top level is hovered over.

3rd Level

Child Navigation items can have children of their own, which are typically called 3rd Level navigation items. 3rd Level navigation Items will show up in the main navigation with a side pop-out when the user hovers over the 2nd level under which the 3rd level item is nested.

4th Level

The 4th Level Navigation items will only show up in the sidebar navigation of the 2nd and 3rd level items under which they are nested, but only if those navigation items are linked to pages using the Subpage Default Template.

This theme is not designed to show navigation items that are 5th level or beyond.