The footer contains several featured areas powered by sections and link lists.


Footer Buttons

Content > Link Lists > "Footer Buttons"

Buttons will display to the right of the copyright.


Footer Address

Content > Sections > "Footer - Address"

This section should contain text in a paragraph tag.

Example HTML:

<p><a href=";oe=utf-8&amp;client=firefox-a&amp;q=2707+Congress+St,+San+Diego,+CA+92110,+USA&amp;oi=geocode_result&amp;source=newuser-ws" target="_blank" class="address">2707 Congress Street San Diego, CA 92110</a></p>

Social Links

Content > Link Lists > "Social Links"

The custom icons can be created by entering a custom class in the icon class field.  A full list of available icons can be found at (substitute your url for