Main Navigation



The main navigation displays the first level links assigned to your navigation tree to the right of the site logo.  "Mega Menus" appear when hovering over a main navigation item.

A mega menu can be made up of a custom section and second level and third level navigation links.

Updating Mega Menu Sections

Updating Mega Menu Sections

Content > Sections

The custom sections are added to mega menus through  the "Sections" manager. The "Sections" manager can be found under the "Content" tab in the main navigation.

A naming convention is used to associate sections to nav items.

The mega menu looks for a "Section" titled "Nav Section - [level 1 nav link title] About Us", where "[level 1 nav link title]" is the same exact name of the corresponding level 1 link title.  

For example, the "About Us" link from the top screen shot would have the section of the mega menu labeled "Nav Section - About Us".

If a first level navigation item has any second level links those will also appear in the mega menu as a column link headings.  Any related third level links will display directly under the link heading.

*NOTE - The navigation mega menu sections support normal content i.e. text, images, links, etc.

Featured Link

The last level 1 link in the navigation tree will always be a featured link in the highlight color.  To display the mega menu the same as the screenshot above this mega menu will have a section with no sub links.

Featured Link Section

Content > Section

This section is created and labeled the same as the other navigation mega menu sections, but an image is also added in the "Image" field.  This image will display as a background and should be 1,400px by 563px