eSpace Overview

The eSpace backend integration allows you to sync public events from your eSpace account to the Events module in the CMS. We are not able to use specific calendars from within eSpace, but all public events will pull over. Also, only specific fields will sync over to the CMS, so please check out the info below for more details.

With this integration, your eSpace data will re-sync to the CMS every 15 minutes.

NOTE: The eSpace events integration is only available at the Plus, Advanced and Pro plan levels. Please contact your project manager or the E360 support team for more info.


You can either follow the steps below to link your account to the CMS or contact your project manager for assistance.

Go to Admin > Site > "More Menu" link at the top right > "Integrations" tab in the sidebar

Login Credentials

Under the section labeled "eSpace," fill in the" email" and "password" fields with your eSpace login credentials.

The credentials you set up will need to have full admin privileges and we recommend setting up a generic login (like Username Website CMS or Integration). If you use a personal login and someone changes their password down the line — the integration will break.

Categories sync:

  • Include categories in sync — when selecting this option, you can choose to sync your eSpace categories. This will pull into the Events module as your category list.
  • If you choose to sync categories, the option to select a Parent Category will appear. If you desire, you can select a Parent Category for all your eSpace categories to sync under.

What's Included

Your public eSpace events will pull into the CMS under Events > Events. When an event is synced, you will see this info stated at the top of the settings screen for the specific event.

Additional notes:

  • All events are synced as one-time events. Recurring events are not supported, so each recurrence will sync as an individual event. On eSpace's dashboard, to use recurring events, please go to the OCCURRENCES tab to add event occurrences.
  • Events are only synced one year into the future, in order to keep syncing quick and stable.
  • The "Published as Featured" status needs to be manually added to events in the CMS. 

Fields Synced

Below is a list of fields synced from eSpace and the corresponding fields where the data will pull in to the Events module in the CMS. The fields that are synced will show greyed out in the events module and cannot be edited in the CMS, since the data is pulling from eSpace (see image below). Fields that are not synced can be manually updated in the events module, if needed.

eSpace Field

CMS Events Field

Event Name Name
Description Summary
Public Notes Description
Event Date Start Date
Start Time Start Time
Event End Date

End Date

End Time End Time
Is All Day Event All Day
Categories CMS Category
Rooms Rooms
Public Location Site Groups
Public Link (under the Details tab in eSpace) External Registration Link
Image Image

Fields with the red asterisk will be synced from eSpace. You can also manually add additional categories once an event is synced to the website, if needed.