Subpage Monklets


Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring in other module content (sermons, events, etc.) into your pages.  There are a few monklets that have been created that are placed in the content area of your sidebar sections.

You can use a monklet inside a section by placing your cursor in the content area, selecting Insert > Monklet > "Desired Monklet".

Some monklets allow/require inline parameters to be passed to define items from a specific group, category, etc. provides details on using these parameters.

You can use one of the inline parameters such as the find_category parameter to display item from a specific category.   Once the monklet has been inserted you will manually type in a pipe after the monklet name followed by the find_category= and then enclose the category slug in quotes.  A slug is the name of an item in lowercase with dashes in place of spaces eg. "My Category" would have a slug of my-category.  The find_group parameter works in the same way.

Example - {{sidebar-monklet-featured-article|find_category="stories"}}

Note: when adding inline parameters, it's best to not copy and paste examples, but type the inline parameter in yourself. Copying and pasting even plain text can add code into the HTML, that will break your monklet!


Section Monklets

Monklets that are defined with "Section Monklet" in the title can only be inserted into the content area of a fullwidth section, on pages using the Subpage Fullwidth template (more on your Subpage Fullwidth template HERE).

All your Homepage Monklets are Section Monklets that can be used site-wide (more on your Homepage Monklets HERE). In addition, you have three speciality Section Monklets to use throughout the site.

Staff Monklet

In addition to the Staff Layout #3 (explained here), your site has a Staff Monklet that can be used multiple times throughout the site to display certain groups of staff.

The Staff Monklet utilizes Groups to pull information from the People Module. This Monklet uses the group "Staff" and will display all members assigned to this group. if you'd like to display a certain group of staff, like Youth Staff, you'll need to add a find_inline parameter. Your youth staff will need to be added to both the Staff group and the Youth Staff group

Example - {{staff-monklet|find_group="youth-staff"}}

Section Monklet - Image Columns

This monklet will display image links set up in a link list. Each link list entry represents a column and should contain an image and a link. The find inline paramter should be used to define which link list to display the links from.

If you'd like one fullwidth linked image, simply add one link list entry. For one image, we recommended the size 1,366px by 550px (a 16:9 ratio).

If you want two or three columns of linked images, a smaller image size such as 1024px by 576px can be used (still a 16:9 ratio).

Monklets that are defined with "Sidebar Monklet" in the title can only be inserted into the content area of a sidebar section, on pages using the Subpage Default template (more on your Subpage Default template  HERE).

Sidebar Monklet - Featured Article

This monklet will display the most recent article published as featured.  The find_category or find_group inline parameter can be used as needed.

Sidebar Monklet - Featured Post

This monklet will display the most recent post published as featured.  The name inline parameter should be used to define which blog to display the post from.