Welcome To MK038

Bold & Modern, Designed to Bring Content to Life with Pops of Color

Tubman comes with these responsive templates:

  • Home Page

  • Subpage Default (With Side Bar)
  • Subpage Fullwidth
  • Article List & Detail Pages

  • Blog List & Detail Pages

  • Sermon List & Detail Pages

  • Events Template & Detail Pages
  • Staff List & Detail Pages

Attract & engage with these special features:

  • Top links to highlight content, along with a full pop-out menu 
  • Quicklinks to offer users easy access to important content
  • Fullscreen Rotator in Home Page
  • Parallax Images in Sections
  • 7 Sections on Home Page
  • Optimized for Mobile

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Getting to know the Setup Guide

As you work with your Setup Guide, it will be helpful to know:

  • When you see bold text with arrows, ie. Content > Pages > Add New Page, it translates to: “Select ‘Content’ from the menu, select the ‘Pages’ tab, then click the ‘Add New Page’ button.”

  • Throughout this guide you'll find links to our help documentation that include tutorial videos, a glossary, and other helpful resources. 

  • Our support team is ready to help you here. https://help.ekklesia360.com