Staff #3

This template uses Staff Layout 3 from our layouts site.

This layout provides an image-based view of staff members, contact information, and bio. All staff information is added and edited in the People module and arranged by series and groups.

To make changes to staff information, navigate to People > Members

To edit who shows up on the layout, and in what order, navigate to People > Groups and People > Groups > Series

The Series will include all of your different staff Groups on the template. The Series names will not display anywhere on the site, it is used to control the order Groups appear on your Staff Page.

  • SERIES: "Staff Groups Pastors" - Used to display all groups in the top pastors area.
  • SERIES: "Staff Groups Featured" - Used to display all groups in a featured area between the pastors and the filtered area.
  • SERIES: "Staff Groups" - Used to display all groups in the filtered area.

 GROUPS: Groups are displayed to provide distinction between types of staff members. For example: Ministry Support, Pastoral, Administration, etc. Group names will show on the site.