Common Terms

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The phase of your project where the custom designs and Ekklesia 360 Layouts are built out into a functioning website.

Phases Include:

  1. Build
  2. Feedback


e360 provides you with a way to group content throughout your site by larger categories, such as Campus locations. It is key to organie all pages, events, volunteer opportunties, groups, and media using these groups. You can add members or site administrators to each group to manage the editing and publishing process.

Learn more about creating and magange groups.

This is a list of links (or similar short content) that can shows up in various places around your site, including header/footer links, social media icons, or featured lists of content. When linking to other pages, events, blogs, and PDFs it will be importatnt to use the link list within the WYSISYG to ensure that when the page updates the link will stay fresh.

Learn more about editing link lists.