Your home page allows up to 3 content sections to be assigned to a page and can contain text, images, monklets, etc.

*NOTE - Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring in other module content into the sidebar (eg. sermons, events, etc.).

**NOTE - When creating a section there is an optional section heading field labeled "Section Title".  The description text for the section will display as a sub title.

Sidebar Monklet Sections

There are 3 pre-defined home sections that contain custom monklets for your site.  

Home - Latest Sermon : This sections displays the most recent sermon from the sermons module.  If the sermon has a video that uses embed code (Vimeo or YouTube) the video will display in place of the image.

Home - Upcoming Events : This section displays the 8 most recent events from the events module.  

Home - Latest Posts : This section displays the most recent featured post from all of the site blogs followed by 6 non featured posts.

*NOTE - The Home - Latest Posts section contains some custom classes to allow the combination of featured and non featured posts.  This sections monklets and custom div/classes should not be changed or edited.