Main Navigation



The main navigation displays along the left side of the site and will display up to 3 levels of navigation links.  First or Second level links with children links will display the "+" sign to open the next level.

You can edit your main navigation items by going to CONTENT > Pages > Navigation.

Navigation Icons

The icons that are associated with each First Level navigation item are controlled by a link list. You can find that link list by going to Content > Link Lists > "Navigation Icons"

This link list will allow you to assign custom icons to first level links in your navigation tree.  Each link in this list should be labeled "Nav Item" followed by the corresponding number/order of the matching first level link.  From the example screenshot above the "About" link would be labeled "Nav Item 3".

The custom icons can be created by entering a custom class in the icon class field.  A full list of available icons can be found at

*NOTE* Even though the icons are controled by a like list, nothing needs to be added to the "Link"field. As long as the item is named correctly and the Icon Class field is filled out with an icon name, then the icon will appear.

Contact your Onboarding Specialist or the Support Team if you need further assistance.