Home Banner

The rotator located on the home page allows visitors to view banners that can link them to specific areas of your site.

Rotator Overview

Rotator Overview

The home page rotator is a slideshow of images or videos that are updated from the rotator "Homepage Rotator". The Rotator module is located under Media > Rotators.  

To add a new image click "Add a New Slide".  In order for the slide to display, you must specify both the title and link fields. Reccomended Image size is 610 by 370px

Banner Overview

The Homepage Banner displays user defined text next to the rotator.  To modify this section, navigate to "Content" > "Sections" > "Homepage - Banner".  

The "Description" Field will display as the large title next to the rotator.  It is also strongly recommended that copy length exceed no more than 42 words, or as much as is the height of the rotator.