To edit the Navigation, go to Content > Pages > Navigation

Video Tutorial - Adding A Navigation Item

Your site can have up to three levels of navigation.

  • The header navigation displays the first level links with any second level links displaying as a drop down menu.
  • The sidebar navigation located on the "Subpage Default" template displays the first level link as the navigation header with any second level links below. If a second level link has third level links they will display once the second level link is active. 

By default your site will display the logo in the center of the header with your first level navigation links split into two columns (the first half displays on the left and the second half on the right). You can change the logo alignment by selecting the "Logo Left" checkbox in your Default Church to change the logo alignment to the left and display all first level links to the right of the logo.

*NOTE - The navigation links are spaced evenly across the header. If you have less then 5 links the left logo alignment may provide a better visual layout.