The home page template has the option for up to 5 content sections that display below the welcome message.  These sections can display custom monklets or normal page content.

Sections currently available for your home page:

Home - Latest Message : This sections displays the most recent sermon from the sermons module.

Home - Latest News :  This section displays the most recent article from the articles module.

Home - Upcoming Events : This section displays the 3 most recent events from all of the events module.

Home - Updates : This section displays content from the section.  All your subpage styles are supported in the section.

Home - Featured Links : This section displays the items from the Link List labeled "Featured Links".  To update these links you can go to the link lists module and select this list.  The images are sized to 930px x 493px.  The title of the link overlays on top of the image.

*NOTE - Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring in other module content into the sidebar (eg. sermons, events, etc.).

Content Section Fields

Content Section Fields

Content > Sections

Content - This is the main content block and can use the custom monklets or normal page content.

Dark Background - Selecting this checkbox displays the content in a lighter color on top of the site default dark section background color.

Image - Images assigned to this field display behind the content with a parallax/page scroll effect at the desktop view.  This means the background image is fixed and the the interior content will scroll over the background image as the user moves down the page.  This effect requires the image to be fixed to the users screen.  There is not a specific set size requirement, but a recommended size would be 1400px in width and a minimum of 400px in height.  Also, note that you will need to select the "Dark Background" checkbox for most images.