Main Navigation



The main navigation displays the first level links assigned to your navigation tree to the right of the site logo.  "Mega Menus" appear when hovering over a main navigation item.

A mega menu can be made up of up to 2 sections and second level navigation links.

*NOTE - If you have a link labeled "Home" it will be replaced with a home icon.

Updating Mega Menu Sections

Updating Mega Menu Sections

Content > Sections

The custom sections are added to mega menus through  the "Sections" manager. The "Sections" manager can be found under the "Content" tab in the main navigation.

A naming convention is used to associate sections to nav items.

The mega menu looks for a "Section" titled "Nav Section [nav position integer] 1- [column position integer] 1", where "[nav position integer]" is the numerical position of the top-level link, beginning from the left and "[column position integer]" is the numerical position of the column.

For example, the "Resources" link from the top screen shot would have the first column section of the mega menu labeled "Nav Section 5-1"...and...

if you wanted an additional second/middle section the second column section would be labeled "Nav Section 5-2".

If a first level navigation item has any second level links those will also appear in the mega menu as a column of links.

*NOTE - The navigation mega menu sections support normal content i.e. text, images, links, etc.  Images will display at a 100% of the column width.