Homepage Overview

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*Note: You can not change the name of the Index page. The Index.php is your home template and assigned automatically to your home page.

The home page (Index) works using various modules and elements throughout Ekklesia. The basics are:

  • Header area: two options - header image or background video. This is resized to fit the browsers height. Recommended header image is 2,732px in width by 1,780px tall.
  • Sections: nine sections available (utilizing custom full page monklets)
  • Footer: operates the same as the main sub page footer.


The majority of your homepage is controlled by sections, and this area is located at the bottom of the page settings. There are 9 available sections and they operate differently than your sub page full width sections.

The only two section options available are the section Content field and the Full Page Monklet field (the background options and category sections are not avalaible).  If the Full Page Monklet field is left blank the Content field displays full width.  If the monklet section is used the Content section will display to the left and fade in as the monklet sections scroll up (larger devices only as mobile will stack the both fields).

You can rearrange, remove, or replace any of these sections. Leaving any of the section fields blank won't cause an issue - you can choose to make your homepage as long or as short as you'd like.