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The home page content displays on top of the page header image.

The recommended header image size is 1280px by 990px.



The home page template has the option for up to 5 content sections that display below the header area.  These sections work similar to the sidebar sections and can display  monklets or normal page content.

We have setup some initial sections for your home page:

Home Section - Articles : Contains the monklet "home-monklet-articles" that displays the 3 most recent articles from the articles module.

Home Section - Blog : Contains the monklet "home-monklet-posts" that displays the 3 most recent posts from all blogs.

Home Section - Events : Contains the monklet "home-monklet-events" that displays the 3 most recent events from the events module.

Home Section - Sermon : Contains the monklet "home-monklet-sermon" that displays the most recent sermon from the sermons module.

Home Section - Welcome : Contains welcome text.

Home Sections

Home Sections

Content > Sections

The sections have custom fields to help customize the output.

  • Section Title - This is used to label the custom section heading.
  • View All Link - This links populates the view all link.

The section anchor navigation logo can be updated from the link list "Section Navigation Logo".  This list should only have a single link entry.

*NOTE - Each assignment of a section to the page will create the right anchor navigation for the desktop view.

**NOTE - Not every section may need a section title, but will have an entry for the anchor navigation.  To accomplish this option only sections with a view all link will display the section title (ex. the welcome section does not need a section title so the view all link is left empty).