Church Entry

People > Churches > "Your Church Name"

Your church entry is used to display your church information.  It is required to have at least one church entry.

The following fields are used for various monklet, footer content, etc:

  • Worship address
  • Church e-mail
  • Telephone
  • Add this pub id (used for sharing icons)

Additional Site Wide Customizations

If this field is populated with an image this will be used for smaller devices in place of the site logo.

Mobile Nav Only

Selecting this checkbox will display the mobile style navigation on all devices.

Remove Rounded Header

The header image area throughout the site will display a curve. Selecting this option will remove the curve from the header spot.

Group Assignment

Your church entry must be assigned to the public group "Default Church".  This group should only have one church published to it.

Note: if you have multiple church records setup for your campuses, the main church/campus should have the "default church" group assigned.