Header Background

Header Image

The "Header Image" field populates a static image in the header spot.  If a header background video, is present this image will be the preview image while the video is loading and also serves as the fallback for devices that do not support video.

Header images should be 2,732px wide by 1,300px tall.  If the header text field is used for the page, the image size may need to increase in height and will depend on how much content you place in that field.  

The field "Header Overlay" adds the opaque overlay to the top of the image. 

Optional Header Fields

With the "Header Overlay" check box, you can add a dark overlay to the header image/video. This is helpful if you are using text overtop. 

Note: to have the dark color overtop of the header image or video extend/bleed into the page content area, this option needs to be checked.

The field "Header Text" field adds content overtop of your static header image or background video, which will override the page title. This works the same as the page content field, so you can include text, buttons, etc. The text will display left aligned.

 If you are using the default page title, the "Tagline" field can be used to add a short line of text underneath the title. 

Note: the "Header Text" and "Tagline" fields will not be used with the image rotator option. The text overlay and additional settings pull from each rotator slide. 

For the rotator options, see more info here >>

Header Text with Button

The monklet "Header Monklet - Title with Button" uses a link list to display a custom heading/description with button.  The Name of the link is the heading and the Description field is an optional sub heading.  The Button Text and URL is required to show the button.

ex: {{header-monklet-title-with-button|find="example-title-with-button"}}

Background Video

Using the field "Header Background Video (mp4/h264)" will replace the background image with a background video.  The video must be MP4/H264 formatted video and should have a ratio of 16:9.

Note: This is a looping/muted background video so the video should be kept short in size/length (under 30 seconds).


If a rotator is assigned to a page, the images will display as slides. This is managed under Content > Rotators.

The title and caption are optional and will display as an overlay.  The button is added when the link/url is used.

Note: If the page field "Header Overlay" is selected, the dark overlay will show overtop of the rotator.

Countdown Timer (Homepage Only)

Content > Events > "Live Event" category 

If there is an active, upcoming event published to the "Live Event" category, the countdown timer will display at the bottom of the header area.

Content > Link Lists > "Countdown"

This link list controls the bar content and should only have one entry. 

  • Description - pre-live text preceding the timer
  • Button Text - live text
  • Link - controls the link for the timer bar. This should link to your live stream page/url.

If the "Countdown" link list is removed, the "website" field within the event settings will control the link, and the event "summary" field can be used for the live text.