Header Links & Alerts

Content > Link Lists > Header Links

These link entries will display to the right of the logo on larger devices and inside the navigation on smaller devices.


When an alert is active, the menu will display an exclamation point icon. 

The full alert bar will then show when the menu area is expanded.

You can edit the Alert bar by going to Content > Link Lists > Alerts and adding a new item. You will need to add the Link/URL and Description.

You can also setup more than one alert by adding multiple items to the link list.

Turning Off the Alert

To turn off the alert, simply remove the link from the link list. DO NOT DELETE THE ENTIRE LINK LIST. You only need to remove the link. To turn it back on, you can add a new item to the link list.

You can also disable the alert by changing the "Alerts" link list title to "Alerts - OFF".