Church Contact

People > Churches

Displays church contact information from the church entry assigned to the group "Default Church". The following fields are used: 

  • Worship Address (addresses are setup under Events > Locations)
  • Telephone
  • Email

Social Media Monklet

Content > Link Lists > "Social Links"

The custom icons are created by entering a custom class in the "icon class" field (ie: icon-twitter).  A full list of icons is available here: https://mk044.monkpreview.com/_assets/fonts/icons/icomoon/

NOTE - The description field is optional and can be used to display text next to the icon. This field is best used for the last button as the featured button.

Content > Link Lists > "Footer Links"

Links display in the right footer column. The "name" and "link" fields are used.  The "description" field is optional and will display below the name heading.


Content > Sections > "Footer Newsletter"

The "Section Heading" and optional "description" field display to the left of the sign up. The section content area contains the "Newsletter Sign Up", which will add subscribers to the "Newsletter" group (People > Groups).

If the section is deleted or renamed, the bottom newsletter section will not display in the footer.