Grid Generator/Multi-Column Styling


You can create a multi-column layout in the content area of pages and content sections by using custom classes and div tags.  We have created a grid generator to make this process easier to use.

  1. The grid generator is located here:
  2. Select the number of rows you want and then the column layout for each row (all columb options are seeing in the image above). This will produce a code snippet that you can place into the source code of your page.
  3. To place the snippet, copy the code snippet and go to your page/section/event/article/etc. in the CMS.  You will need to use the sorce code view option (which looks like this in the too bar: < > ) and paste in the code to the desired location.
  4. Switch to edit view and you can update the example content as needed. The grid generator will place a dummy image and text as a placeholder so all you need to do us swap out the dummy content for your content.

NOTE - Your style guide page has an example for review.