Header Images

A header image can be added to any page that uses the template "Subpage Default" and "Subpage Full Width". In order to add a header image go to the page go to CONTENT > PAGES  and then select the page to which you would like to add a header image. 

Go to HEADER IMAGE and select the image you would like to show, or click UPLOAD A NEW IMAGE. 

The default header image is 1600 x 480, and we recommend you use this specific image size for your subpage header images. Because the image is responsive and will change depending on screen size it is reccommended that the image does not include text. A good example of a header image is shown below on the Contact Us page.

Header Image Size: 1600 x 480
Retina Image Size: 3200 x 960

Header Image with Text

Content should be placed 980px centered in your header image, if used.  Keep a healthy top and bottom margin to ensure that no data is lost when the image responds to various screen/device sizes.

NOTE: This image is in your media files if you would like to add it to see how your header image responds to various screen sizes.  We recommend not using text in the Augustine theme's sub page headers.

If you purchased before 9/20/16 see below

If you purchased your theme before 9/20/2016 then you have another header image size of 3200x1534. Our support team is glad to apply the 1600x480 header image sizing upon request.