Articles #3

Quick Start: Steps Overview

The Articles layout displays information added to the Articles module in Ekklesia. You can add new articles by navigating to Content > Articles.

  1. Add Categories
  2. Add Series
  3. Add Articles
  4. Set Featured Articles
  5. Publish Articles

Template Overview

The Articles Layout #3 is designed to help you organize and showcase content like stories, resources, news updates, missionaries, or any other group of articles. You can create categories of content for users to easily look through archives or find specific types of resources. All articles are added and updated in the articles module and organized under the “Articles” category. 

 There are a couple of moving parts to this layout. The landing page includes: FEATURED ARTICLES

  • The top box of articles is a great way to showcase Featured Articles you’ve added. 
  • The featured articles will automatically display the 3 most recent articles you have published as featured.  


  • You can filter by Date, Category, Author, or Search for keywords
  • The categories display groups of articles designated in the Categories tab of the Articles Module.
  • The author displays all articles with a particular author assigned to them in the Articles Module.
  • The date displays all articles published within the month chosen.
  • The search results pull up articles related to the key words and content within each article.


  • The list of articles automatically displays the most recent article you have created. 

Before You Get Started

Check to see if you already have a page called Articles with this template chosen. If you do not, you will need to add a page and select "Articles #3" as the template.

1. Content > Pages > Add a New Page

Adding Categories

Categories are a helpful tool to organize all of your stories, resources, or articles. The categories you set up will display on the layout and the tab sizes are based on the length of your title.

PRO-TIP: Shorter titles are a great option because they’re quick and easy to read- especially for mobile device users.

To ensure the process of adding articles is seamless, you can set up the categories first. This will allow you to quickly assign a category to each article as you create them.

PRO-TIP: An article can display in both a series and category. 

1. Content > Articles > Categories

2. Add New Category

Adding Articles

All articles are added and updated in the articles module. Once you have added all content to the article you will publish and it will display automatically on the Articles Template.

Article Details

  1. Content > Articles
  2. Add A New Article
  3. Title
  4. Indicate the Category
  5. Assign the date
  6. Add an Author  


  • Author information is pulled from the People module.
  • This is where you can upload their image, add their name, social media links and bio. 
  • You can add multiple authors to an article if you choose. 

Article Content


  • The Summary field will display on the Article landing page in the list of articles. This field can only support text. If this field is not used, the list view will automatically use the first few lines of the article content.


  • Keywords are important to add so that the articles shows up when searching the template, entire site, or using a search engine. 
  • PRO-TIP: Keywords help boost SEO searches for your site as well as well written content. 


  • The Content field will display below the media. In this field you can add all text formatting, links, CTA buttons, and embed additional media.  

Adding Media

Each article can host an array of media types: Video, Audio, and a PDF or Document.


  • If you have already uploaded the media into the media module, you can locate it within the list.
  • If you are adding new files, follow the instructions to upload a direct file or embed a third party.
  • The video and audio will be embed on the article detail, while the download and notes will display as a button.


  • Each media type will be displayed as an icon on the list views. If you do not use all media fields, the icon will simply not display.  

Publishing Articles

After all articles have been created, you'll need to make sure they're all published in order to display on the Articles Template. You can choose to publish the article right away by clicking Publish.


  • To publish an article in the future, select a date under the Toggle publishing status on this date and time field.


  • You can choose to keep the article as a draft by clicking Keep as Draft


  • To populate the featured articles on your layout, you will need to indicate which Articles are featured before publishing.
  • The Article will display on the top of the article landing page in the box.