Homepage Monklets


Note: For additional information about using monklets, check out our help article here. For help with inline parameters, check our help article here.

Monklets are predefined code snippets that allow you to bring in other module content (sermons, events, etc.) into your pages.  There are a few monklets that have been created that are placed in the content area of your sidebar sections.

You can use a monklet inside a section by placing your cursor in the content area, selecting Insert > Insert Monklet > "Desired Monklet".

Some monklets allow/require inline parameters to define items from a specific group, category, etc.  You can use one of the inline "find" parameters such as the "find_category" parameter to display items from a specific category. Example: {{section-monklet-featured-articles|find_category="stories"}}

These monklets were designed to be used on Carmichael's homepage, but can be used in other full width sections throughout your site! You can find other section monklets included on your theme HERE.

Section Monklet - Campus Selector

This monklet displays a list of all churches entered into the churches module.  The find_group parameter can be used to define a specific group of churches. For example: {{section-monklet-campus-selector|find_group="default-church"}}

Section Monklet - Latest Articles (1)

This monklet will display the most recent article. If you want to display the latest article from a specific group or category, you can use the find_group and find_category inline parameters as needed. 

Here is an example of what this would look like if you wanted to display a sermon from the category "Prayer":  {{section-monklet-latest-articles-1|find_category="prayer"}}

Section Monklet - Featured Post

This monklet will display the most recent post published as featured.  You must use the "name" inline parameter to define which blog to pull from.

Here is an example of what this would look like: {{section-monklet-featured-post|name="blog"}}