Home Page Editing

To begin editing the home page, go to Content > Pages > INDEX


1. Title: Unlike most other pages, you cannot change the title of the home page. The INDEX page is the home page.

2. URL: This is the URL location of the page—because this is a home page, do not add to or change the URL.

3. Description: A description of the church or organization in sentence form that helps with SEO.

4. Content: Any words or images entered into the CONTENT field will appear below the rotator/header image/video space. While this is an option, Sections are best used to add content to the home page.

5. Keywords: A a list of keywords associated with the church or organization. Use words separated by commas that help with SEO.

6. Header Background Video: Add a full-width background video.

7. Header Overlay: Check this box to enable the Header Text if a background video is being utilized.

8. Header Text: Content entered here will be displayed if a header background video is being utilized.

9. Show in Navigation: Check this box to add a link to the 'Index' home page in the site Navigation. When the navigation link is created, the label will read 'Index.' You can change the navigation label to say 'Home' instead of 'Index' in the navigation module.

10. Location: This cannot be changed for the home page.

11. Header Image: This is where to enter a header image.

12. Rotator: This is where to enter a rotator.

13: Template: While you can change the template, the Home Page template is created specifically for Index and should be kept as homepage in order to utilize sections.

14: Sections: Sections are the best way to utilize your home page to make it both unique and informative. 

Sections 1-9

The bulk of your home page is comprised of sections, which are managed under Content > Sections. Your theme will include the following preset sections for the home page, but you are welcome to add your own, as well!

  • Home - Welcome: displays a welcome message
  • Home - Community: displays small groups information
  • Home - News & Events: displays a featured blog post, featured 'news' article, and featured event
  • Home - Sermon: displays the latest message from the Sermons module
  • Home - Media: displays a featured sermon, featured 'stories' article, and media rotator
  • Home - Article: displays the latest featured article from the Articles module
  • Home - Blog:  displays the latest featured blog post from the Blogs module
  • Home - Event:  displays the latest featured event post from the Events module
  • Home - Stories: displays the latest article with the category 'stories'

The Home Page allows up to 9 content sections to be assigned to a page. These sections can contain basically anything that a page can contain (text, images, videos, etc).  These sections will display under the header image/rotator/header video space on your homepage.

Sections may be reorder in the 1-9 placement which correlates as top-bottom on the page. You can assign a section as 'None' to remove it, and you can create your own new sections to add to the home page.